Equipment Management Forms



Equipment Certification Form (PDF) This form is used to certify that a biennial physical inventory of capital equipment was performed by the department. *This form is not required if there are no capital assets.
Equipment Loan Agreement (PDF) Use this form to record a loan of capital equipment from an external lender.
Equipment Loan Agreement | Modification Form (PDF) Use this form to modify or prematurely terminate a loan of capital equipment from an external lender. Required for those that are ending before the date indicated on the prior Equipment Loan Agreement form. 
Fabrication Justification (PDF) Use this form when your department plans to build an equipment item with a value of $5,000 or more.
Movement or Removal of University Property (PDF) The person moving equipment should have this form with them in case they are questioned.
New Custodial Code Request (Webform) Use this form to request a new custodial code.
Property Loss Report (PDF) Use this form to collect and submit detailed information about Property damage or loss. This form is for property owned by or in custody and control of the University.