Data Editing System for Instructional Information (DESII)

Data Editing System for Instructional Information (DESII) is an editing and reporting application to refine data imported into the system during open editing periods. 

The DESII system is managed by Budget and Institutional Analysis (BIA) at UC Davis. High quality instruction is a hallmark of the best research universities in the country, and for the University of California achieving excellence in instruction is one of its primary missions. The Davis campus commits a substantial portion of its financial and human resources each year to providing high quality instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The ability to analyze instructional activity allows an institution to monitor and assess its instructional quality.

The Data Editing System for Instructional Information (DESII) is an important tool that helps the campus by providing the means for systematic collection of key instructional data. UC Davis uses the DESII to maintain, edit, and report course-related information such as course instructor, classroom, course units, schedule, and other course-related information. Authorized UC Davis staff members use DESII to check course information for accuracy and make any necessary edits to that information. The data from DESII ultimately becomes part of the Instructional Activity Information System (IAIS) where it is used by various groups and individuals within the university, and outside of the university, to report on UC Davis instructional activities.

DESII News for Editors:

  • For DESII editing schedule, click here.  
  • Print out the DESII Course Activity Worksheet for the courses you edit (SIS DS report 423). Make your edits on paper before you start making changes in DESII; this will give you a record of what changes were made to the course sections and help you proofread your edits.
  • For questions, please email the DESII team at