Timekeeping and COVID-19 Related Administrative Leave

Timekeeping and COVID-19 Related Administrative Leave

March 20, 2020

The following information is intended to help employees continue to report hours worked and leave taken, including paid administrative leave as it relates to COVID-19, whether working on campus or remotely.

Actions to take and pay information

New paid leave codes are now available in our time reporting systems to report administrative leave as a result of COVID-19. You must consult your supervisor and receive approval prior to recording the new paid leave codes in the time and attendance systems. Please review guidelines

  • If you have already recorded an alternative leave type for purposes of COVID-19, please update your timesheet and use the appropriate COVID-19-paid leave code. You will see a new pay code in your timekeeping system that has the word COVID as part of the description.
  • All employees are eligible for a one-time allotment of up to 128 hours of paid administrative leave. , subject to the conditions. Please review guidelines
  • This type of leave will be displayed on your UCPath pay statement as:
    • RGC - REG Paid Leave-Salaried for salaried paid employees
    • RVN - REG Paid Leave-Hourly for hourly paid employees

Ecotime users: Please refer to UC Davis Health or Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital (VMTH) procedures.

Best practices and timekeeping reminders

  • Time worked, either on campus or remotely, should be recorded as usual
  • Employees are required to take rest and meal breaks in full compliance with all applicable policy or collective bargaining agreements, even if they’re working remotely.
  • Vacation, sick leave, and other types of leave should be properly recorded in the time and attendance systems.
  • Please continue to record and approve time by the regularly scheduled timesheet approval deadlines.
  • You and your supervisor are responsible for making sure that time is recorded properly and the correct COVID – 19 pay codes are being used.
  • Those submitting paper timesheets should continue to work with their departments and Service Channels to ensure usage of the correct COVID-19 paid leave codes.

Contact your supervisor if you need timekeeping assistance or are unable to edit or record time through the regular process.

Guidance on Working Remotely During a Workplace Disruption is posted on the HR website and paid leave in response to the coronavirus may be found on the UCOP website at UCnet.