User Group Meeting and AggieBudget & Coffee

Event Date

AGR Hall at the Alumni Center in Davis

The next AggieBudget User Group Meeting will be held on October 30, 2018 at 9:30 AM in AGR Hall at the Alumni Center in Davis

What will be covered during the User Group meeting? – Every month we will cover general news and updates, best practices, reports, have a presentation of either how other organizations across campus are using AggieBudget or a deep dive into how AggieBudget actually works, and open the meeting up for open discussion or questions.  Open discussion is not the same as the help desk. If you need help with AggieBudget on a specific issue or believe you have found technical issue with AggieBudget, please email the AggieBudget help desk at

New for October - Introducing AggieBudget & Coffee!  Stick around after our regular AggieBudget User Group meeting for networking or join a table with a designated conversation topic.  Breakout topics will include: Transfers in and out, Commitments, Reports, Feedback, and On-boarding/training/new user.




  • Best practices: Managing your org structure for better planning
  • Reports: Data Extractor
  • News and updates


  • Have Coffee!
  • Open time to network or join a table with other users and an AggieBudget team member about a topic of interest


Who should attend the User Group meetings? – Anyone who is a current or future user of AggieBudget Plan Files, Plan File Manager, or Reports and would like to meet other users and to learn more about how AggieBudget works and is used across campus. This meeting will be of particular interest to units that are either still preparing to start planning in AggieBudget or are already planning in AggieBudget but would like to consider how managing the org structure can affect planning.

Is there an option to call in? – Not for this meeting. However, we will begin alternating in-person meetings with online only meetings.  

I am a new user/I am an experienced user, should I attend? – Yes! We hope to cover a variety of levels of topics for new and experienced users.

Is this meeting optional/Why did I receive this invite? – This meeting is optional. You are receiving this invite because you have a login for the AggieBudget system.  This is meant to be a place to discuss the system, meet other users like yourself, and hopefully discover something new about AggieBudget. If you are not sure if you should attend the meeting, check with your supervisor.