Aggie Enterprise Planning launched on Feb. 20, 2024. FY25 budgets must be entered into AggieBudget, but users may choose to enter budgets in Aggie Enterprise Planning in parallel.

AggieBudget is a budget, financial forecasting and reporting solution designed to improve efficiency and transparency in resource planning and management at UC Davis. 

AggieBudget allows you to view complete budget and forecasting information both at the campus and the unit level. This creates opportunities for:

  • Strategic analysis and benchmarking
  • Transparency in the decision-making process
  • Multi-year planning to support the financial health of the university

System Overview

Diagram of AggieBudget data flow.

System Overview (PDF) | Text Alternative

AggieBudget is integrated with Kuali and UCPath data to generate comprehensive labor and operating plan files.

Budget Process and System Transition Timeline

AggieBudget to Aggie Enterprise

Approximate start dates; All dates subject to change

AggieBudget to Aggie Enterprise transition timeline

System Timeline (PDF) | Text Alternative