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2018-2019 AggieBudget Training Timeline

July through January

  • Plan File Manager Conceptual

November through February

  • Plan File Manager Entry

September through November

  • Annual Labor Orientation
  • Annual Budget Orientation

November through February

  • In-Year Labor Entry
  • In-Year Budget Entry
  • In-Year Forecasting (existing)

July through February

  • Reports

September through January

  • AB Navigation (online, under development)
  • Department Admin

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2018-2019 AggieBudget Project Timeline

In-Year Projections:

  • Discovery: March - April 2018
  • Design: April - May 2018
  • Build: May - July 2018
  • Test: August - November 2018
  • Go-Live: December 2018
  • Training: Begins December 2018


  • Discovery: May - September 2018
  • Design: September - October 2018
  • Start Build, Followed by Testing, Go-Live and Training: November 2018


  • Start Discovery: August 2018

2018-2019 AggieBudget Unit Onboarding: Schools, Colleges and Admin Units at Org Level 4

Depending on your unit’s level of experience with AggieBudget, you may follow a different route for orientation and training. For user onboarding based on individual roles, see the AggieBudget Training Guide.

Is your unit already in the system?

  1. If yes,
    1. Complete Refresher Training to learn about system updates.
    2. Complete in-year Labor Entry and in-year Budget Entry.
    3. System access granted.
  2. If no,
    1. Confirm that there is a designated Department Admin.
    2. Meet with the Training Lead and BIA Analyst to discuss needs.
    3. Complete Plan File Manager Conceptual Overview.
    4. Do you need to make changes to the KFS org and account structure?
      1. If yes,
        1. Update org and account structure in KFS.
      2. If no,
        1. Users complete training for their system roles.
        2. Complete in-year Labor Entry and in-year Budget Entry.
        3. System access granted.

End of "2018-2019 AggieBudget Unit Onboarding."

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2018-2019 Budget Process Plan


  • AggieBudget Training

Mid-March to July

  • Units enter FY 18-19 budgets into AggieBudget plan files

April to July

  • Complete 18-19 Budget Plan (Excel S&U)

Mid-June to July

  • Import 18-19 budget data into AggieBudget

July to September

  • Campus budget decisions (Plan)

August to Mid-September

  • Units finalize budgets with final assumptions and decisions (AggieBudget or Excel)

September to Mid-September

  • Campus budget decisions (Final)

Mid-September to October

  • AggieBudget entry locked for units


  • Use AggieBudget for quarterly reports (Q1)


  • Use AggieBudget for quarterly reports (Q2)

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