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2020 AggieBudget System Timeline

  • January 13: Plan File Manager locked for all users
  • January 14: Q2 forecast plan files open for editing. Initiate Q2 variance reporting workflows.
  • January 28: Q2 variance reporting workflows – Assistant Dean and COO step due
  • February 7: Q2 upload templates due to BIA
  • February 13: Q2 variance report – BIA review due
  • February 14: Q2 forecast plan files close
  • February 17-18: AggieBudget down for UCPath upgrades and system rollover
  • February 19: Plan File Manager open for all units for 2020-21 budget cycle changes
  • March 19: Close Plan File Manager for 2020-21
  • March 20: Open plan files for 2020-21 editing
  • June 1: Close plan files for 2020-21 preliminary budget

2019-20 AggieBudget Timeline

July to August

  • Week 1 - System Down

July to early September

  • 2019-20 Final Budget Entry Open for Existing Units


  • (no activity)


  • PFM Training

November to early January

  • PFM Open for New Units


  • Plan File Edit Training


  • PFM Training

January to early February

  • Q2 Update - Editing Open for New and Existing Users


  • Plan File Edit Training

February to mid-March

  • System Down for Budget Rollover
  • PFM Open for Campus

February to mid-May (and beyond)

  • 2020-21 Prelim Budget Entry Open for Campus


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