The AggieBudget Project Timeline Has Three Distinct Areas of Focus: Planning, Training and System Use

2019-20 Budget Process Plan

budget process

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The AggieBudget team is working closely with each school, college and administrative unit to prepare for implementation. This involves review of existing accounts, organizations and internal processes to determine readiness for the new system. The training lead and BIA analyst then work with the unit to prepare a customized plan for onboarding and system training.


Training is designed to prepare users for their assigned role(s) in AggieBudget. A combination of classroom and online training will be provided. Online training modules will be available beginning in fall 2018.

System Use

Users will gain access to a number of functions within AggieBudget over the course of the 2018 – 2019 year. All units will be fully onboarded before the 2019 – 2020 budget cycle begins.

2018 - 2019 Project Timeline

Future Functionality

  • On-going: Enhanced Reporting
  • Winter 2018/19: In-year Projections
  • Summer 2019: Long-Range Forecast Planning

Dates subject to change.

2018-19 aggiebudget timeline

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Unit Onboarding

2018-19 AggieBudget Unit Onboarding: Schools, Colleges and Administrative Units at Org Level 4

Onboarding plans are developed in partnership with each dean's and vice chancellor's office. The graphic below depicts a typical process for preparing accounts, assigning AggieBudget roles and completing the necessary training. Depending on your unit's current level of experience with AggieBudget, you may follow a different route for orientation and training.

Graphic depicting the criteria for unit on-boarding to AggieBudget.

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