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Office of Business Transformation

OBT Update

OBT is committed to being available as a resource for you; we are dedicated to ensuring our important work can continue while also being vigilant about the most important thing - the health of our students, staff, faculty and families. In light of the Provost Croughan's recent message about spring and summer planning, OBT is gearing up to bring in-person Lean training opportunities back to campus beginning in summer 2022. 

Our team is happy to consult with you on project ideas or collaborative tools to sustain momentum of projects and initiatives currently underway, or work with you to kick-off new process improvement opportunities.

Take care!

Office of Business Transformation

Office of Business Transformation (OBT) advances a culture of continuous improvement that supports UC Davis' strategic goals.

Serving as internal consultants, the team creates opportunities to collaborate, innovate and develop in order to promote efficiency, encourage learning and facilitate engagement.

With a strong focus on fostering continuous innovation, OBT partners with individuals and departments to support incremental projects and transformative initiatives. Through guidance and leading, OBT team members use methodologies from Project and Change Management, Lean Six Sigma and Business Process Management to deliver outcomes.

Office of Business Transformation

  • Focuses on understanding and meeting customer (faculty, staff, students, stakeholders) needs
  • Partners with organizations to achieve excellence
  • Emphasizes the value of integrating methodologies to achieve desired outcomes
  • Works collaboratively; we recognize that partnerships are the key to success
  • Fosters creativity, innovation and involvement
  • Works with others to inspire and empower a culture that embraces continuous improvement

A Message from the Chief Finance and Budget Officer

A Message from the CFO-AVC

Dear Colleagues:Profile photo of Lisa Frace.

I am pleased to share with you the recent launch of the Office of Business Transformation, a unit designed to make the university better every day through consultation in internal business processes and change management.

Formerly a unit of the office of Organizational Excellence (OE), the Office of Business Transformation has been moved from Human Resources to Finance and Business, allowing us to clarify roles and find synergies with other business units within our broader organization. Under the leadership of Erica Aichwalder-Barclift, this team will partner with campus stakeholders to identify areas for improvement, provide training, implement process changes, and build a framework to support people through department transitions. Drawing from change management, Lean Six Sigma and business process management methodologies, they will collaborate with departments to identify ways to streamline, optimize and improve the quality of our business processes.

While Office of Business Transformation focuses on supporting the organization through process changes, OE will continue to provide organizational development services, including the executive coaching program, under the leadership of Chief Human Resources Officer Christine Lovely. The Offices of Business Transformation and Organizational Excellence will continue to collaborate and leverage expertise to drive positive change across the organization.

Learn more about how we plan to advance a culture of continuous improvement in support of UC Davis’ strategic goals.

Lisa Frace
Chief Finance and Budget Officer