The AggieBudget Project provides a budget, financial reporting, and financial forecasting solution for campuswide use that will improve the efficiency and transparency with which all campus units conduct essential resource planning and management activities. During the Proposal Phase, the UC Davis AggieBudget Project Team has partnered with UC Davis Purchasing Services, Information and Educational Technology, and prospective SaaS vendor KaufmanHall/Axiom Software to produce a draft project charter document and appendices (attached). Procurement Services and representatives of the Project Team are near agreement with Kaufman Hall/Axiom Software on contract terms, with one issue—indemnification--currently outstanding. The Project Team now presents these artifacts for project sponsor review, seeks approval of the project charter, and seeks endorsement of contract execution upon resolution of the indemnity issue to the satisfaction of the Chief Procurement Officer.

Timing of Major Deliverables

It is proposed that UC Davis and KaufmanHall/Axiom Software fulfill the project specifications outlined in the AggieBudget RFP through a SaaS solution that will be implemented over a 24-month period, beginning on or about October 5, 2016. High level design would occur during October and November 2016, followed by a phased buildout of the solution. Key milestones include (please refer to the attached project timeline):

  • Budget and Labor Planning Modules Pilot (5-6 dean or vice chancellor organizations and constituent units): Go-live February/March 2017
  • Budget and Labor Planning Modules Campuswide: Go-live August/September 2017
  • In-Year Financial Forecasting: Go-live August/September 2017
  • Contracts and Grants: Go-live October 2017
  • Long-Range Financial Planning: Go-live May 2018


The scope of this project is campus wide. UCDMC users will have access to the suite of reports developed for this implementation and UCDMC financial data will be integrated into the Axiom EPM solution—but replacement of AllScripts EPSi as the UCDMC budget construction/implementation system is not in scope. A solution module for capital planning and budgeting is not in scope. The scope includes solution changes necessary to integrate UC Path and a potential new UCDHS general ledger tool (Infor Lawson).

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