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IDEA$ at Work

Pitch your ideas to help UC Davis convert hassles into opportunities

Updated May 24, 2023

The Revenue Generation and Institutional Savings Task Force is currently reviewing your IDEA$, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to participate! Please continue to share your insights using the form below. Check back in summer 2023 for task force recommendations.

We know the best ideas for fixing our bottom line often come from staff and faculty on the front lines — whether you work in a classroom, office, lab, field, hospital, or water treatment plant. UC Davis needs to innovate our way out of a core fund structural deficit, with new streams of revenue and new ways to save. We're ready to turn your ideas into action. We know even budget challenges are a chance for growth and improvement.

Jot down your idea below!

Share your IDEA$ that could help:

  • Develop new streams of revenue
  • Identify cost savings
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Reduce hassles and wasted time for employees
  • Cut red tape that is unnecessary or expensive

No idea is too big or too small. We're prepared to invest with seed money if necessary, to generate net revenue over time.

We'd love to hear ideas that have worked elsewhere and might work here too. We're open to ideas that have been rejected previously or that might seem unpopular.

Ideas can be submitted anonymously, in case you are worried about what your boss or other leaders might think.

All ideas welcome to help task force meet their $50 million goal

In 2022, Provost Mary Croughan gathered representatives from all corners of UC Davis to create the Revenue Generation and Institutional Savings Task Force. They're identifying efficiencies and opportunities to generate net revenue for the university's long-term financial sustainability. They're aiming for at least $50 million in ongoing net revenue and/or savings that can be applied to the campus core mission within 3-7 years, to help address UC Davis' core funds deficit.

The task force will review ideas submitted through the form below to identify the most promising opportunities for UC Davis to focus on. The task force will issue communicate to campus periodically to summarize themes and ideas selected for further exploration. Even if your ideas aren't selected for broad use, they will be shared with specific leaders in colleges, schools or departments for further consideration at a local level.

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    Eligibility for IDEA$ at Work prize drawings concluded on Jan. 31, 2023. All prizes have been awarded to employee prize winners:

    • Trish Berger
    • Jie Peng
    • Joseph Lestanguet
    • Austin Pile
    • Alexis Logan
    • Rachel Sanders
    • Bridget Mabunga
    • Brenda Scalzi
    • Maja Makagon
    • Jim Seibert
    • Jane McCluskey
    • Fernanda Valdovinos
    • Dolores Mejia
    • Stacy Lynn Wilson-Rivera
    • Joshua Morejohn
    • Rena Zieve

    The task force also offers special thanks to Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, the Preferred Partnership Program, UC Davis Athletics and UC Davis Stores for contributing prizes for IDEA$ at Work.